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Presidents Day Parade

with Pete Benevage and Annetta Catchings

Arlington Country PD: Monica always backs the blue



My mission is to put a stop on Congress’ unreasonable spending of money they do not have that future generations will have to pay. The current record inflation, growing national deficit, and Social Security Trust Fund insolvency will hurt our children.

During Beyer and Biden’s watch, the Federal debt has become a larger percentage of GDP than it has ever been. As a result, every man, woman, and child in our country now has a $90,000 government credit card bill courtesy of Beyer’s work in the House Ways and Means Committee and the Joint Economic Committee.  Beyer thought it was OK when he voted to raise the Federal Debt limits.

It is clear that the Democrats caused the escalating "Bidenflation" and promoted Pelosi’s overspending. A stronger and more secure future for the country is what Monica Carpio aims to achieve in Congress. She will cut waste from the budget.  She will start with the $68 billion of fraud and abuse in Medicaid & Medicare that steals these precious resources from our seniors.


I believe the federal Department of Education, which is the 3rd largest budget, should largely be re-allocated to state and local levels so that the funds directly support our schools and children.  Now the federal spending is mostly relegated to Pell Grants and other resources for college assistance but we need more assistance with elementary and secondary education programs first. 



I believe the out of control illegal immigration at our southern borders hurts not only our economy but also our general safety in our communities.  Drugs and terrorists come over at the same time as workers look for a better life.  Even with more workers we have millions of jobs here that go unfilled.  Then our precious federal dollars go to overseas aid and programs instead of staying in America and helping our own citizens.  

Monica's Stance on more Issues

2nd Amendment and Gun Rights:

I support state standards already in place in Virginia that require a standard background check for buyers but does not limit small firearms for personal usage or carry. I also support the constitutional structure of the 2nd Amendment which does not limit citizens power to bear arms to defend themselves. However I believe certain citizens may lose that right if they have violent records or mental histories that suggest they would abuse that right. 

Qualified immunity for our men and women in blue:

Yes our officers need to protect the public and need the power to do their job without the fear of legal or personal liability. They are literally putting their own lives on the line and sometimes that means they must use force. However if any government worker of any agency grossly exceeds the reasonable standards already in place they need to be held accountable. I support body cameras on all officers and vehicles to fully capture evidence of confrontations and to provide officers proof of their compliance with those standards so that plaintiffs cannot falsely accuse our public servants.

Life Issues:

Abortion is never the best solution for women faced with that circumstance. We find that women in crisis pregnancies almost never choose abortion over the other alternatives when they have enough support. Abortion decisions are a poverty of spirit or support and if we uplift women they will most always choose life. So I support more federal funding for programs through churches and charities that will offer all alternatives to women such as adoption and foster families. Planned Parenthood gets federal funds but does not offer all choices. Exceptions such as for the life of a mother are so uncommon as to be not be statistically significant.

To volunteer contact us at [email protected].  Direct email to Veronica for hosting events, Diego for public relations,  Joe for fundraising, Tom for phone bank,  and Phil for e-mails & video/photography. Thank you!

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White House Easter Egg Hunt, April 2018

“If you want to change the world, find someone to help you paddle.”

- William H. McRaven

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Who Will Raise Our Kids:

Their Parents or Their Village?

Monica Carpio’s two daughters mean the world to her and her husband. 

The couple believes that their conservative values and guidance will help their children become moral and good adults.

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